Friday, June 25, 2010

Photographer Props Sets - Ready to Ship!

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Phew! What a month it has been. When I took my sticks and yarn to Saint Martin to build a chest of props I had no idea of what I was getting into. A month later I have finished a dozen sets of 6 pieces each and am ready to release the newest line of ready-to-wear props created just for baby photographers.

The 6 piece set includes a MrsMay Yarns' original design Peapod, and another MrsMay original, the Swaddleskin, in a coordinating shade. Within your color selection 4 hats round out the wardrobe; a fluffy Beanie, 2 variations of the Umbilical Cord Hat and a unique Stocking Hat.

Sets are available in 5 color families, PINKS, BLUES, NEUTRALS, HOLIDAY REDS and HOLIDAY GREENS.

Friday, April 30, 2010

MrsMay reveals Photographer Prop Sets!

Linda Maintanis, knitting, warwick, ri, mrsmay, governor francis farms
Photographers have been contacting me for months with inquiry to purchase my handknit props. As seen at Heidi Hope Photography, their demand keeps growing. I set aside my other projects and began to develop a set that would arm their prop-chest.

MrsMay Yarns is proud to offer handknit newborn photography prop sets. Created as a resource for busy photographers to build their chest of props, all pieces are handknit by MrsMay using the finest organic, handspun, hand-dyed fiber.

The focal point of the set is an original design by MrsMay, the Peapod. The Peapod comes with another MrsMay original, the SwaddleSkin, in a color which will co-ordinate with your Peapod so you can swaddle a baby snugly before sliding into the pod.

4 hats come with your set, an infant Umbilical Cord Beanie, an infant Fluffy Beanie, an infant Stocking Cap and a standard acrylic infant Umbilical Cord Beanie.

Baby Girl: Pink solids and blends say GIRL out loud!

Baby Boy: Blue, Blue, Blue with light and dark shades too!

Baby Neutrals: Yummy shades of cream, green, yellow, whites...sometime soft, sometimes vibrant!

Holiday: Red and White, Green and White, and combos of any of the above...the holiday look that made MrsMay famous!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Baby Bella Mittens, Bella Booties and Hats....MrsMay Yarns in Warwick, RI creates ingenue knits for your little one!

Linda Maintanis, knitting, warwick, ri, mrsmay, governor francis farms
The Baby Bella Mittens are finished and they are too cute! MrsMay Yarns is proud to introduce her new line of Bella knits for Baby. Baby Bella Mittens, Baby Bella Hats, Scarves and Booties.....all created in ultra-soft Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk yarn. Absolutely adorable. Most items are available as a pattern in PDF format files for quick do-it-yourself projects, and some handknit Bella Mittens are also in stock...more coming soon!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Patterns Coming Soon at MrsMay Yarns, Warwick, RI

Linda Maintanis, knitting, warwick, ri, mrsmay, governor francis farms
One of my favorite patterns, the Bella Mittens has inspired me to create some great new items.... Soon MrsMay will reveal what she's been working on under the hot, Miami sunshine! Working with the softest possible yarn, Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk, I am knitting the most adorable baby items. Can't wait to show you!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Adorable Pixies and Gnomes - Yarn Shop Warwick, RI - MrsMay Yarns

Linda Maintanis, knitting, warwick, ri, mrsmay, governor francis farms
Wow! Pixies and Gnomes..Gnomes and Pixies...The darkest days of winter have driven me deep into the forest of charm with wildly,woolly pointy-tipped hats. These are a riot to make and even more fun to see on the child... check out MrsMay Yarns for a pattern and yarn today.