Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Chilly Autumn Triggers Knitting Holiday Gifts - MrsMay

November chills me in a way that makes me yearn for the strong warm sunshine of the summer past….Yet I also embrace the snuggle factor of jeans, sweaters and socks!
Fall is a season for knitting, if there ever was one. A time to look ahead perhaps, to the holiday season, and plan the handmade gifts that we’ll knit for lucky recipients. Toasty socks, Bella mittens, a fluffy muffler…all will chase off the chill that descends upon our December.
MrsMay Yarns has been quietly stocking her bins with angoras, mohairs and merinos. Hand spun by artisanal perfectionists. Brilliantly colored with organics dyes and unusual plying…..most from fiber collected from their own or neighboring farms. Yes, truly “Heirloom” yarns!

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